For Photographers

“Being successful doesn’t necessarily make you great.What makes you great is when you reach back and help somebody else become great.” -Joel Osteen

Are you a new photographer in the Hampton Roads area? Struggling to find your place within this industry? Can’t figure out camera settings? Not sure where to start?  Let me help you!

After an enlightening experience with another photographer in Hampton Roads, I’ve decided to start offering Mentoring Sessions for new photographers.  When I first started in this industry, NOBODY wanted to help me! Not even offer a little friendly advice. Actually, there weren’t many friendly photographers at all. I can count on less than one hand all of the photographers that wished me well and offered their support to me. I never want to be that person or that photographer.  There is room for all of us and we can all succeed and prosper in this beautiful industry!

If you’re new to photography and need a little guidance, help, etc., I’d be glad to help you out! My Mentoring Sessions are $400 for 2 hours of my time and we can go over anything and everything your little heart desires, including shoot time together so you can get some new head shots for that growing business of yours! If I don’t know the answer to something, I’ll do my best to get you the answer!  Anyone who mentors with me is also entered into a private Facebook group with everyone else I have ever mentored! It’s a safe place to come and ask questions whenever you have them, do headshot swaps, and meet some amazing other photographers in the area! We should truly be focusing on how to build each other up in this industry, not tear each other down.

To book one of these sessions with me, send me an email at — I can’t wait to talk all things photography with you! :)

*Be sure to check out my newest photographer get together’s, Q+A Night — a 3 hour event where you’ll learn on camera settings, lighting, posing, how to run a business and SO much more! And more importantly, you will feel WELCOME in this industry! :) 

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