Bump Style Hacks | Mama Blog

Bump Style Hacks | Mama Blog

When your growing belly doesn’t allow your pre-maternity jeans to fit any longer and your hair ties are all stretched out from trying to make them work, you may feel stuck when it comes to styling your bump.

Let me be the first to tell you, you do not have to break the bank shopping for maternity clothes!

During my first pregnancy 4 years ago, I found it really hard to find CUTE maternity clothes that were within my budget, so maxi dresses and maxi skirts became my best friend. I’d stock up at TJ Maxx, and it worked well because I could still wear them even when I wasn’t pregnant!

This go around, I wanted more options and I wanted to be able to still express myself through clothes so I took it a step further.

Here are my 3 tips to styling your bump on a budget, making your money and clothes stretch (literally LOL), and still being able to be stylish and trendy!

1- Don’t just stick to the maternity section in stores: Feel free to still browse the non-maternity section. You wont be pregnant forever and you’re going to want trendy clothes for after baby makes their appearance! My tip here is to browse for long maxi skirts that you can wear over your bump while pregnant, and down on your waist when you’re not pregnant anymore! Maxi skirts are a staple in my closet because of their stretchy waist and versatility. Dress them up, dress them down, wear when pregnant, wear when you’re not! You can save so much money this way when shopping to style your bump!

Everything pictured is NON maternity! Shirt: Loved by Hannah and Eli — mine is a few years old and they no longer make this one with the peach colored neck line, but here’s a very similar one! | Skirt: Forever 21 | Glasses: Forever 21

Again, everything pictured is non maternity! Both of these outfits can be worn while pregnant and when I’m not — Tie the tshirt in a knot, bring the waistline of your maxi skirt up over your bump and bam, you have the perfect outfit!! Skirt: Forever 21 Shirt: Also Forever 21!

Anything stretchy is your friend! I found these gorgeous stretchy bell bottom type leggings from Amazon and I think I’m most excited I can still express my inner love for the 70’s while I’m pregnant and still wear them even when I’m not! I wear them down low to accommodate the belly! Over top would give me camel toe and that just isn’t okay, LOL!! Outfit details: Shirt: The Bee and the Fox Pants: Amazon (and in so many cute prints!!) | Shoes (If you can see them!): Nordstrom Rack | Diaper bag: Mina Kay

Also playing on number 1, you can still shop for flowy tops! A top thats meant to be flowy on a non-pregnant woman may be more form fitting to fit your bump and show it off (my favorite — I hate hiding my bump!), and then when baby is here, you can wear it again as the flowy top its meant to be! I actually think the example below is meant to be a dress, but it would still be too short on me, so I’d always wear it as a top!!  My outfit details: Shirt: Blue Green Aqua BoutiqueMaternity Jeans: Target | Shoes: Target

2- Only shop for maternity staplesWhen you do venture into the maternity section, only shop for the items you absolutely need! For example, you NEED at least one pair of maternity jeans. I have only bought two pair this pregnancy and I just rotate them and wear them weekly! I maybe spent $40 total on Liz Lange maternity jeans from Target (on sale plus cartwheel) and they’re super trendy with their ripped denim look so I really love them! You’ll need a couple of maternity dresses that either have stretch to them or have stretchy sides that will accommodate your growing belly, especially in the later months of pregnancy. Keep in mind I’m gearing this towards the season we’re in and the fact that we’re about to hit summer since I’m due in August! You’ll also want one or two basic colored tops you can wear a bunch of different ways. I have one black short sleeved maternity top, and a white one too. You can do so many different things with tops like this and wear them a bunch of different ways!

Maternity Jeans: Liz Lange/Target | Shirt: Strong Like a Mom (every mama needs this shirt!!)

Maternity Jeans: Liz Lange/Target | Shirt: Peanut in my belly co.

3- Utilize your favorite t-shirts: I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge t-shirt and jeans fan. It’s comfy, easy and CAN be stylish! Using your already existing t-shirts in your closet mixed with maxi skirts or jeans can be an easy outfit! Stress free, comfortable and cute — what more do you need? :) If you feel like shopping, you can always add more t-shirts to your closet! I’ve bought a few this pregnancy and just sized up by one size in some brands so they fit down or tied and can be worn tied when I’m not pregnant too! You’ll see examples of that throughout this post as well as the ones below :) ALL tshirts in this post are non-maternity by the way ;-)

 Last two images are iPhone shots. All professional images in this post are by Sarah Vanderford Photography — thanks girlfriend :)

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